Landal Heihass, Putten

On arriving at Vanenburg Castle we were given to understand that there was no rooms booked for us, and so we were to be put up at Landal Heihass. Inwardly I groaned, as I was really looking forward living at the castle. We were told that there were already five people from Cordys staying at Landal Heihass. I imagined all of us cooped up in a small space.

We finished work at 5:30 in the evening. The office here is completely deserted by 5:30 in the evening. So we moved to The Hub, which is a kind of common room on the castle premises. There we met up with the rest of the team from India who were currently in the Netherlands.

The Hub has a refrigerator filled with all sorts of goodies, including beer. We each had a couple of beers before preparing our own dinners. There was some half cooked rice into which I poured some sambar and heated the concoction in the microwave. This eaten we then waited for the cab which would transport us to the dreaded Landal Heihass.

Landal Heihass turned out to be a resort. A rather pleasant surprise. It consisted of close to 150 cottages, each nestling in it own private space. Each cottage had three bedrooms, two single and one double, a living room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The kitchen came completely stocked in terms of utensils.

There Saurabh and me had a cottage of our own.

After a couple of beers, we hit the sack. Tomorrow will be a big day.


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