The Bourne Supremacy

Starring: Matt Damon

Rating: 4/5

Rewatchability Index: 4/5

Seen at: Sangeet

Jason Bourne is living the quiet life. He has retired to Goa with Marie and now spends his time trying to peice back his life. But he is jolted out of the idyllic life when an assasin arrives and kills Marie. Jason Bourne comes back to extract the revenge he had promised at the end of the first installment if Treadstone didn’t leave him alone.

All the while the CIA is looking out for Bourne, he is wanted in the murder of two operatives when on a mission.

The rest of the movie deals with out Jason Bourne goes after the people who killed Marie, and along the way he also helps the CIA find out who killed the operatives.

Forget the fact that it has nothing to do with the Ludlum novels except for the name of the main character. Forget that fact that the movie has a lot of factual errors.

Go watching it for the mind-numbing car chases which seem to have become the signature of the Bourne films.


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