Rating: 5/5

Rewatchability: 5/5

Seen at: Home on Asianet

Sethumadavan Nair is the eldest son of a policeman’s family. The policeman (Thilakan) dreams of making his son an IPS officer and retiring after having saluted his son. They move into a new city, and the father runs into the local thug, Kirikadan Jose. The thug sets about beating up the policeman while the son watches from the crowd. When he can stand it no longer, Sethu comes to his father’s rescue, and almost kills the thug. The city celebrates the death of the thug and Sethu becomes an overnight sensation. People now look at him as the new thug and protector. Sethu tries to run away from it all, but destiny chases him. The movie ends with Sethu killing Kirikadan Jose and being refused a clean chit for his IPS training by his own father.

This movie is the perfect example of good cinema, with fantastic performances by every actor, none less than Mohanlal as the main protagonist. So real is the performance that it is easy, nay simple, to empathise with the young man pulled and tossed in a sea he didn’t choose to swim in.


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