Rating: 1/5

Rewatchability Index: 0/5

Seen at: Prasads

Vishnu Prasad (Tushar Kapoor) is a punching bag for the world. Nobody notices him, and when they do it’s usually to berate him or make fun of him. To make things worse, he is in love with a babe (Antara Mali), if you can call a whorish-looking Antara Mali as babe, who lives opposite his house. On a day when everything seems to go against him, our hero finds himself walking on the beach and stumbles on an idol (The Mask?). He complains to God and asks to be made invisible. Viola! He is invisible. The rest of the story is made of Vishnu Prasad trying to win the love of a woman most of us wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. The long drawn torture is finally brought to a close with Vishnu Prasad seeing the errors of the path he is on. The movie ends with Vishnu Prasad helping the police out to nab criminals.

The movie is filled with completely unbelievable characters, totally lacking in depth. Although they try very hard to make Vishnu Prasad a Peter Parker, they fall woefully short, and that is being nice to them.

My advise, stay away, if you have nothing better to do with your time, go stare at a blank wall, it’ll be more entertaining.


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