Policemen and Police Stations

Yesterday I visited more police stations in a day that I did in the entire 32 and odd years before that. A friend of mine lost his mobile and he needed to file an FIR to make his insurance claim. We started at the Madhapur Police Station.

On par with my experiences with police officers, we were treated very courteously. They listened to us patiently and then directed us to the police station next to Ravindra Bharathi at Lakdi-Ka-Pul. It seems we would have to register the complaint there and then come back to the Madhapur Police Station.

So Raghu, the friend who lost his mobile, and me drove to Ravindra Bharathi and went the the Police Control Room. There we met yet another courteous police officer at the door, who politely told us the directions to the Cyberabad Police Station where, according to him, we had to register the complaint.

Back we hopped into the car and drove to the location given to us and there we found the Saifabad Police Station. On enquiring there, a young, polite man told us that we would have to go to the Cyberabad Police Station, and gave us directions. We decided to walk it as it wasn’t too far.

At long last we found Cyberabad Police Station. On enquiring at the reception, yes our police stations have Receptions now, the police officer pointed out the person who would take our complaint. In the same breath he also predicted that we would be asked to come back the next day. We went up to the police officer and explained the situation to him, and surprise, surprise – we were politely told that we would have to return the following day.

Life is India is just to exciting!!! and predicatable!


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