Hyderabad Blues 2 – Rearranged Marriage

Starring: Nagesh Kukunoor

Rating: 2/5

Rewatchability Index: 2/5

Seen at: Prasad’s Multiplex, Hyderabad

6 years have passed since Hyderabad Blues and NK takes us back to familiar haunts and faces. Varun and Ashwini have now been married 6 years. Varun runs a call center for banks and Ashwini dreams of setting up her own clinic and of course having kids. Varun for the life of him cannot understand why kids are such and important part of marriage. For the twist, there is Varun’s new employee who seduces him and almost gets him into bed. How that one event affects the marriage and how their friend’s rally around them makes up the rest of this immensely likeable movie.

What remains to be seen, and this can only be answered after his next movie, is whether NK is a great director or an inconsistent one. HB2-RM runs very much like HB1, so much so that you are almost transported back seamlessly to the world he had created 6 years ago. After the polish of Bollywood Calling and 3 Deewarein, you wonder whether the rawness of the story-telling is planned or whether NK slipped?

All in all, this is much better than the trash that goes around being called movies. Watch it.


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