Bird on a Wire

Starring: Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn

Rating: 2/5

Rewatchability Index: 0/5

Seen at: Home (Star Movies)

Funny how stories pan out. Rick Jarmin (Gibson) is under the Witness Protection Program of the FBI for helping them nail a renegade FBI Drug Enforcement Officer. For 15 years he leads a nomadic life, moving and changing identities. Then one day he bumps into his old flame, and it just happens that the bad guys have got out of jail, and his FBI protector has been put out to pasture, and the new guy is in cohorts with the bad guys.

The rest of the movie has Jarmin returning to the old lives that he had led, with his old flame (Hawn) in tow. Car, bike, plane chases in plenty. Gibson tries his wise-carcking hand at action comedy, a la Lethal Weapon. But without LW’s tautness and characterization this one fall’s flat.

My advise, skip it, Gibson’s done a lot of better stuff, rewatch them.


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