Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azbakan

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson

Rating: 2/5

Rewatchability Index: 1/5

Seen on: IMAX at Prasads

The movie lives up to the book. When reading the book I always got the feeling that it could have turned out better, and you get the same feeling while watching the movie, albeit for different reasons. This being the thickest of the Harry Potter books as yet, it is understandable why Alfonso Cuaron had to leave out a lot to fit the story into the two hours he had. But that doesn’t excuse the jerkiness in the story-telling. It is clear that he concentrated on the sequences where he could wow the audiences with spectacular special effects.

The movie starts out like all Potter stories with Harry being tormented by his muggle family. This time there is an added aunt who keeps tauting him by making pointed remarks at his parents. “How the pup turns out depends on the bitch”, if definitely not my idea of a dialog for a children’s film, even by a long stretch of imagination.

Potter leaves home and then travels to school. The school year starts under the shadow of the escape of Sirus Black from Azbakan. Everybody is whispering about it, and very early on you get the feeling that it’s going to tie into Harry’s life. Viola! Black was the one who betrayed Harry’s parents to The One Who’s Name Can’t Be Spoken.

How Harry goes about handling the situation he is in forms the rest of the story.

The biggest plus in the movie is Emma Watson, she is certainly turning out to be quite a looker, watch out for her.

My advise, give it a miss and read the book if you want to know the story.


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