How many deaths… [Dec. 8th, 2003|05:09 pm]

‘How many deaths does it take to admit, that too many people have died’ – Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind.

Hyderabad is burning again. Why? Nobody knows. I don’t know either and frankly I don’t care, all I know is that innocent people are dying and no cause is really worth that. These killers call themselves ‘freedom fighters’, but the fact of the matter is that they are just a bunch of frightened bozos who get a kick out of killing people. If they really believed so passionately in what they are doing, they can all get together and commit mass suicide in front of public buildings. I guess that is should drive the message home to the people who should hear. When you have enough mass suicides taking place the government has to sit up and take notice.

Anybody who kills another person to drive home a message that he and not the person dying believes in is a coward. A true freedom fighter first puts his life on the line and not the life of others. Look back at all great leaders will bear out what I say.

What we have today is a set of angry people with no where to channel this anger. So they hit out at the society that they see around them. The fact is they cannot see others going on with a purpose in their lives, while they, the freedom fighters, have none. So they take up a ’cause’ to justify their violence and kill people. They walk around thinking that they are changing the world, what a nice was to think that you are useful. But funnily enough, they go about killing the very people for whom they are supposedly doing all this.

When asked about the deaths, most simply reply that in a war there are deaths.


In a war, soldiers die and in a civilized society people volunteer for the role of soldier. Anybody who kills an innocent, one who has no way to defend himself and then scurries away like a rat into a hole to hide and save his skin is nothing more than a coward.

There is no justification for what they do and personally I feel that they should all be given painful and slow deaths. However, I can understand that the government needs to talk to these cowards because if we don’t they will kill more. But at the same time, we also need to educate people that these rats are not their friends but their enemies.


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