An Impossible Dream

I have never ever been able to keep a diary, and I dont know what makes me think that I’m going to keep this regularly. But then to quote a Hindi movie “Wo zindagi hi kya, jisme koi namumkin sapna na ho?” (What kind of life is it which does not have an impossible dream?)

So along with singing, wanting to play the guitar and dreaming of writing and publishing at least one full length novel, maintaining a daily journal now becomes one more dream that I am setting out on.

President Abdul Kalam has completed a year in office yesterday. Just like everything else he’s done, the anniversary has been quiet, but noticed by everybody who cares.

The right to dream is President Kalam’s greatest gift to the youth of this country. It is so heartening to see him crisscross the nation telling our children to dream their dreams. Such a relief from parents, teachers and ‘well-wishers’ who no longer allow children to dream.

Early this month counselling had begun for the various professional courses being offered at various colleges in the state. More than one student confessed that he was opting for a course not because he knew anything about it, or because he passionately cared about it, but because everybody else is doing it or someone else has asked him to do it.

How sad it is for a nation that her children no longer do things they are passionate about. The herd mentality is inherent now.

What this nation needs are dreamers. People who can dream of:

– Duties over rights

– Caring over selfishness

– Love over hate

– God over religion

– Knowledge over information

An impossible dream?

Wo zindagi hi kya, jisme koi namumkin sapna na ho?


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