Awesome! Awe-inspiring! Fills your senses!

The adjectives used to describe the mother of all mountains – the Everest – have always tried to capture the larger than life image of this monster. After reading numerous books and articles about the Everest, and even watching programs about it on Discovery and National Geographic, I always felt that somehow I had not yet experienced the awesome might of the mountain.

Yesterday the feeling was confirmed, I was given irrefutable proof of that. Fortunately it did not require me to risk life and limb to discover the awesomeness (??) of this mountain. All it required was a screen 72 feet high and about 90 feet wide.

Welcome to the world of IMAX cinema.

In a word, the experience is AMAZING.

IMAX trasports you, as if by teleporter beam, to a world that is miles away and lets you experience what it is like to be ‘there’.

You dont notice the sounds, neither do you care about the story or narrative. The IMAX medium is for sheer viewing pleasure, and of that you get tonnes.


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