Open Markets

The newswires have been full with articles on how the unions in the UK were up in arms about British companies moving jobs to India and other South-East Asian countries. There have been similar sounds being made in the US about how jobs were being overrun by Indians who would work for less.

All this noise is very amusing because the very reason for India being lucrative to companies based in the West is because the governments in the West forced the developing nations to open up their markets. A decade ago, or even half a decade ago, most of the technology available today was absent in the country. Companies in the west wanted the developing countries to open their markets so that they could sell us their technology. Today that very same technology makes it profitable for companies in the West to shift jobs to developing nations.

A friend of mine who works for one such MNC had this to say, “The very same managers who pushed for the move to India a year ago are now worried about their jobs.”

Strange? I dont think so!


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