So why not Barbie?

Little girls can now exchange their old Barbies for new ones. Looks like a good offer, but when you take a deeper look, it indicates a frightening reality – the transitory nature of modern-day relationships.

Today we exchange everything for newer models, cars, bikes, TVs, home theatre systems, wives.

Surveys have shown that few people live in a house for over 2 years. Whether owned or not, the present generation changes residence for a variety of reasons ranging from ‘change of job’ to just plain old ‘better house’, so why not Barbie?

Such frequent change of residence also means that the roots we put down in a place are extremely shallow. In the old days, a person would spend most of his life in the same place. This meant that the relationships ran much deeper. So much so that the religion or outlook of the grocery shop salesperson determined which shop one patronized. Today to most children, relatives are people you meet and smile at once a year. Neighbors and friends are all short-term relationships, so why not Barbie?

Although frowned at by society, unfaithfulness in marriage is a direct outcome of such transience in our lives. “Till death do us apart”, is just a romantic term now. Nothing is for life, and everything can be traded in for a better model, so why not Barbie?

To a generation that is getting more and more used to ‘trade-in’ offers, it isn’t surprising that the concept is being used in marriages and relationships. As of now, the only things not on offer are parents, siblings and children. Everything else can be traded in, so why not a spouse?

Barbie? Who is Barbie?


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