Chicago – The movie review

Viewed on: 25-March-2003

Theatre: Sangeet

City: Secunderabad, AP, India

Company: Mahesh, Girija and Chandrasekhar K.

Chicago is the story of two murderesses (is there a word like that?) and their lawyer.

Move over Perry Mason and all those hi-tech John Grisham lawyers Billy Flynn is here. He’s more crooked than the crooks he defends, but you have to forgive him – he does it all for love. The $5000 he charged you is just incidental.

Plus points: Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, great story telling, nice dances.

Negative points: Catherine Zeta Jones, songs.

Comments: Richard Gere as Billy Flynn delivers yet another performance that leaves you wondering how Nicholas Cage and Russel Crowe can be given Oscars while he is left behind.

Recommendation: Watch it, if not for anything else because its a good story, told well and for Richard Gere.


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